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Revere Electric partners with Connectronics to distribute industry leading wireless and connectivity products. With over thirty years of experience in the wireless and connectivity industry, you can be assured that our expertise and alignment with leading manufacturers will ensure a successful wireless application from start to finish. .

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Our new microwave network was easy to deploy and provides radio service for sheriff, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS), increasing network performance and eliminating radio interference that plagued the previous microwave system.

The licensed systems ended our interference problems, increased our network performance substantially and, because they are easy to use, enabled us to deploy and maintain them ourselves.


Wireless Products and Solutions

Products are important, but so is service. We can assist in the design of wireless backhaul, last mile and hotspot solutions. And our pre and post technical support is guaranteed.

  • Wireless equipment
    • Point to point
    • Point to multipoint
    • Mesh
    • Access point/customer premise equipment
    • Licensed and unlicensed

  • Antennas and lighting protection

  • Towers and mounting accessories

  • Equipment enclosures

  • Internet gateways and balancers

  • Backup power/solar systems

  • RF, Ethernet, Bulk, Fiber Optic and Custom Cables


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